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Moving when Pregnant

Moving, whether it’s to another house in the same city or across the country will pose its own unique brand of challenges that we all must face. Between the decisions to hire movers, rent a U-Haul, how much time is needed to drive across the country, and how much insurance is required, one can find themselves hard-pressed to have much mental energy left! So it’s no wonder that one group in particular finds themselves in quite a bind when attempting to move: pregnant women. Pregnancy is a fantastic feature of life but there’s often one thing that doesn’t go well with pregnancy: moving. To move effectively while pregnant, depends on where you’re moving to and how much you have budgeted to move.

Moving out of State

If you’re moving out of state, your best probable option is to hire a professional moving company, and here’s why: Traveling in excess of several hundred miles often requires an overnight stay at a hotel while on the road. This means you have to check the transport vehicle you’re using to inspect that your items remains carefully packaged and to ensure that they remain safe while on the road. Pregnancy can make the long road-trip a nightmare when you consider how often you’ll need to stop for pee breaks and how difficult it will be to navigate a several ton vehicle in heavy city traffic. Not to mention the physical stresses of climbing into and out of the bed of the truck to check on your items as you move. Plus, consider the challenges of packing itself. Moving out of state requires you to have everything packed in one trip, meaning that you must consider space allocation and devote serval days to moving heavy items. To avoid physical injury, a professional moving crew is highly recommended to you keep yourself and your baby-to-be healthy, happy, and sane.

Moving in State

Moving in state might mean you can do the move yourself, but it depends on the amount you intend to move and the distance you are traveling. For those with a large amount of items to move, especially when you are in the second and third trimesters, a professional mover is still highly recommended. Not only will lifting become more challenging as you progress through the pregnancy, but it will also become more dangerous. It’s best to leave moving of large items to the professionals. 

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Moving Locally

So what about moving short distances in town? If you’re just moving a relatively short distance, you have an advantage. These moves can be done in several small trips and don’t require the same intense loading and unloading of a long-distance move. Additionally, the short travel distance is more accommodating to the need for frequent trips to the restroom.

As these small trips in town, you can do a larger percentage of the moving, as long as you remember to keep it confined to the smaller items. It’s common for pregnant women to feel as though they are being confined to less-important work, but the most important thing you can do is to keep your health up and to delegate responsibilities while moving. It’s ok for you to take the smaller items and to let your friends or local workers carry the heavier items. If possible, keep the items you carry to less than ten pounds, and try not to lift items that are directly on the floor. It’s best to minimize bending down to reduce stress on your back. Also remember to take frequent breaks. Moving can be a physically demanding task, and if you being to feel light headed you should be sure to sit down and rest while increasing your liquid intake. 

Finally, enjoy your move! With each new move in life you explore new possibilities and hopefully you will love your new location!

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